Levi Thomson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Levi Thomson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

We were blessed to have Levi Thomson as a student of CSY. During his time at CSY he impacted the lives of many and his love for Christ shined so bright. He was an honorable student, athlete and friend. Levi is deeply missed!

A letter from Matthew Thomson:

Levi was a 2019 Graduate of CSY. He enjoyed his time at CSY. He made many wonderful friends in his time here. Levi loved playing sports and participated in band.

In August of 2020 Levi was diagnosed with Cancer. Levi battled the Cancer for 10 months. The Cancer was very aggressive and caused him to be in a lot of pain. Through it all Levi kept a cheerful attitude. In June of 2021 everything the doctors had tried had failed. Levi decided to stop treatment. He wanted to see his friends and family before going home to be with the Lord. As we met with the doctors that last time one of the oncology fellows remarked how brave Levi had been in facing this decision. Levi took that moment to share his faith with the doctors one more time.

That evening as I sat with Levi, I said “son you know the Lord is coming for you very soon.” He said “I know Dad. I am looking forward to it.” As we planned his funeral, he said he wanted the gospel message to be clearly delivered. He wanted to make sure his friends will be joining him in Heaven.

Death is a result of the fall, however, because to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our physical death brings us into eternal life with Him.

We believe that Levi’s time here at CSY helped to strengthen his faith. We are grateful for the assurance that our son is in heaven. The Levi Thomson Memorial Scholarship Endowment has been set with the hope that no parent will ever have to face the death of a child with uncertainty. We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting the scholarship. Every family should be able to send their children to Christian School of York.

Thank You.